Earning YouTube: How to Get 4000 Watching Hours Статьи

Looking to get 4,000 hours of YouTube watching to start monetizing your content? We will teach you!

Today (also watch the video above) we’ll show you how to buy youtube watch hours legit.

We are all smart, intelligent people, so I will not offend you by asking why you gave up these 4000 hours. Everything is obvious: this is the only way you can monetize your content on the platform. 4,000 watch hours were never a must-have for channel management until YouTube made it a condition for joining the YouTube Partner Program. And in today’s times, let’s take a closer look at this requirement.

What does 4000 hours of viewing even mean?

Your videos must be public for 4,000 viewing hours to count. That is, you cannot conduct a live broadcast and then close access to it. Also, you cannot upload videos, and six months later, delete them or make them private. To keep track of hours, they must remain publicly available.

In addition, 4000 viewing hours must have been received in the last 12 months. That is, from today to 365 days ago. Videos can be published whenever you want, not only in the last 12 months, but they should be watched on your channel within the last 52 weeks.

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In this video, we are literally under the microscope examining the entire topic for 4,000 hours, so you are welcome.

How to keep track of a set of 4000 viewing hours

To track your progress towards the coveted figure, YouTube Creative Studio has a special page on the left side of the dashboard called «Monetization». There you will see how many subscribers and viewing hours you have accumulated.

If you want to constantly see your YouTube analytics by watch time, subscribers, etc., download vidIQ and use a cool tool with real-time statistics. Don’t worry about the price — it’s completely free.

Why 4000 hours of viewing is the main goal of authors

Now let’s talk about psychology. For authors who pursue similar tasks, I often say the following. If you start a YouTube channel solely with the goal of gaining 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in order to then monetize your content, then I’m afraid most of you are unlikely to succeed.

First, because you think exclusively of yourself, not your audience. Secondly, it is an extremely ambitious goal for newbies.

__4000 viewing hours is a lot. That’s 240,000 minutes, or — let’s put it this way — when one person watches your content for 166.6 days. __

If you publish your first video on YouTube and only get an hour of viewing per week from it, that’s already a good result. I’m not going to lie — there is a reason why it is so difficult to get 4000 hours of viewing.

YouTube wants to get as much information as possible about your content so that it can eventually entrust its advertising partners with it. Remember, it’s not YouTube that pays you, it’s the advertisers. Basically, YouTube is a middleman that needs to make sure that the content it promotes doesn’t pose any problems. Over the past ten years, all kinds of things have happened.

__And that’s what we ended up with — 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing. __

And although there are those who disagree with this statement, I think that YouTube does not owe you anything. The platform allows you to broadcast your content to audiences around the world. Is free! In time, when you prove your worth to both viewers and YouTube, it will be time to make money. But consider monetization not as your right, but as a bonus. You must deserve and appreciate it.

Why «evergreen content» is the key to achieving cherished watch time

Let’s take a look at the statistics. This shows the live views of our most successful YouTube videos on the vidIQ channel. Did you notice something special? Look at the publication date:


Almost all videos were published more than six months ago, but still receive thousands of views. These videos continue to work for us days, weeks, months and even years after they were published.

You’ve probably already heard of this kind of content. It is called «evergreen». We talk in detail about the implementation of this strategy on our channel:

Getting noticed on YouTube is challenging. One way is to get your content to appear in search results. If you can answer pressing questions, give people the information they need, especially if the topic is still fresh, for example, about the latest game software updates, new cosmetics, newly released gadgets, and so on, you are most likely to appear in search results for the topic.

Depending on the expiration date of this topic, your videos may receive new views longer. Perhaps this is not as seductive as all sorts of scandals and intrigues that bring tons of views in a minimum time. But if done correctly, your videos will receive consistent views over time.